Namaste &  Welcome To My Village Life.
My name is Roushini.  
 I am the founder  of My Village Life. It is a concept that shares the secrets of as How to live like a villager in modern world. 
 I am the creator and the presenter of   "Be Your Self-Care Guru". This is Empowering, Enriching and Engaging presentations that shares knowledge, information,  personal experiences and interactive activities as how to Become a Master of caring for  the Self from inside out.
You can choose from  One hour, 2 hours, half day or full day presentation.
All request  is   tailor-made.
Suitable  for children, teens, adults & seniors.  
Based in Brisbane.  Travel around Queensland,  Australia and New Zealand.
Click here for a sample One Day Event.


Be Your Self-Care Guru - 1 Day Events 



 Cultural Learning Made Fun.

Healthy Mind + Healthy Heart = Happy Body.   Romance With Spices. Energizing Indian Massage.  Roushini's Fun India.
Energizing Indian Massage.
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Be Your Self-Care Guru. 
My Village Life.
Romance with Spices
Energizing Indian Massage.
Roushini's Fun India.