About Roushini.

Our body is not indestructible. There is only so far we can push it before it starts to break-down and fall. For  over 30 years, I overloaded my body with physical, emotional and mental demands. Working  really hard,  studying,  raising two children, rushing, stressing and going through a roll-coaster of unexpected life experiences while living in  busy modern Australia. 

 I  wanted to re-connect with myself. I wanted to care for ME - Mental and Emotional health.  I desperately wanted to change therefore I  studied, researched and experimented with number of ways to feel healthy and happy from inside out however I was not getting the long term results. 

Well.. long story short..I  decided to go back to visit my village home in Fiji - place I called home before I immgrated to Australia. This is when I realised....How complicated my life has become? How I have lost the art of simple living? How I have  made myself phsyically, mentally and emotionally unwell?  How I have stopped caring about myself? How confused I have become about food, movement, relaxation and life itself?

 In my village, I found the answer I was looking for-- I need to go back and live like a villager. Yes..It has been challenging to go back when I live a fast paced western lifestyle however I knew I can.   I started to reginite my Village lifestyle - Live like I used to do.  I started to simplify my life.  Starting Eating,  drinking , moving and  relaxing I used to do. 

 It is a journey going back to who I am and how I am met to live. It is re-creating my habits to live like a villager in a modern world. 

 My goal is to  share with you   as how you also can live like a "Villager" no matter where you live. Now, I am very passionate about Self-Care therefore my mission is to  empower, enrich and inform you with practical knowledge,  sharing my personal stories and implementing hands on activities - Giving you the tools  and support as how you can create  positive habits to  make self-care your number one priority?

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About Sadhna - Laughter Yoga Presenter.

I believe in Holistic, Person-Centred Approach and Strength Base Principles. 

I am renowned to have the loudest and contagious laughter. Sometimes things happen in our lives that take our laughter away. I have first hand life experience of living with a chronic condition which has affected my physical and mental and social wellbeing.I have complemented my healing by embracing holistic and therapeutical techniques to manage my wellness and I have re learnt how to laugh again through difficult times. I have used my knowledge to work on my strengths and focus on my abilities to make a positive difference in self and others. 

I am passionate about spreading the laughter and supporting people to enhance their general wellbeing by bringing back laughter and wellness in their lives by using tools for holistic healing. 

Roushini's  Qualifications and Experiences.

  • Fitness Instructor.
  •  Qualified Fitbox instructor.
  • Qualified PoundFit Instructor,
  • Qualified Laughter Yoga trainer.
  • Qualified Early childhood Educator (0-12 years)
  •  Vegetarian & Vegan Cook & Eat workshop presenter
  • Lifestyle coach 
  • Children/Teens/family guidance counselor.
  • Events Manager/co-ordinator.
  •  Masseuse - Energizing Indian Massage.
  • Founder/Creator & Presenter of Romance With Spices Cook & Eat Workshops
  •  Founder/Creator/Presenter of  Roushini's Fun India: Cultural learning Made Fun for Children, teachers & parents.  https://roushini.com
  • Founder/Creator/Presenter of  Be Your Self-Care Guru for children/teens/adults/seniors.
  • Over 17 years experience presenting  workshops for all ages including professional Development for Teachers & Educators, Corporate Organisations.
  • Over 25 years working with children, Teens,  Adults & Seniors.

Sadhna's  Qualifications and Experiences.

  • 16 years professional experience which includes working in 
  •  Human Services Sector
  • Education and Training
  • Teaching, Workplace Training
  • Coordination
  •  Project and Event Management
  • Lifestyle coach 
  • Working with Children
  • Events Manager/co-ordinator.
  •  Working with People from Multicultural Background and Workshop Facilitation
  • Currently, I have also published a children’s book “I AM A STAR”