Be Your Self-Care Guru is about Empowering, Enriching, Engaging, Informing participants with valueable and practical knowledge about the secrets of SELF-CARE & How to live like a villager in modern world.

I have  researched, studied and attended number of health & wellness seminars to educate myself about Self-care and how to cook a balanced plant-based food. For my own health & wellness, I have decided to go back and start living like a villager in modern world and it is working for me.

I have created Romance with Spices Cook & Eat  workshops to educate, inform and encourage others to eat more plant-based foods.

 I have created MoveFit to educate, inform and encourage  others to make movement fun and a daily habit.

I  have created BalanceFit to educate, inform and encourage  others  to follow their passion now.

I have created RelaxFit to educate.inform and encourage  others to relax everyday. 

  This is what Self-Care is about.  Doing all of the above , abundantly compliments  our body keeping it healthy and happy. It is my hope  to share simple,  easy and practical steps to guide you  as how to live like a villager in modern world and make self-care your number 1 priorty for the rest of your life.

  Before you take steps to introduce new habits you must check with a GP, nutritionist or dietician.  Before you take part in any physical activities or exercise,  you must check with a doctor. Before you do anything to change your lifestyle, seek professional, medical guidance.