For The Lovers Of Indian Food

 Cook & Eat Workshop

Why is Indian cuisine so delicious? 

Indian cuisine dates back thousands of years and consists of thousands of regional cuisines.
In India alone..  there is 36 distinct languages + 8 distinct religions + 7 distinct ecological zones + 7 distinct agricultural areas + 24 distinct races + 90% of all plant & animal species + 5000 year history + 1.2 billion people ....... Indian food is bound to not only diverse but delicious. Indians around the world have adopted local ingredients to cook tantalizing tasting cuisines – example Fiji Indians love using coconut and the local fresh produce in most of their dishes.

It is due to the ingredients that is married together. Out of the 381 SPICES in the world, Indian food uses 200.  The labor-intensive cuisine with its mix of  aromatic SPICES even gets non-curry lovers wanting to try some. There are  traditional and authentic recipes passed down from generations that makes the food uniquely appealing,  novel and delicious.

  Let's get cooking!

Lovers Of Indian Food

Get sizzling during  2 hours  flavorful, luscious and divine Cook & Eat session

Roushini will take you on the journey of traditional and authentic home style cooking.  She will cook three scrumptious and mouth-watering authentic dishes. .

By the end of the session, you will learn How to:

  • Blend perfect combinations of SPICES to create  delish Indian dish.
  • Select and match ingredients that is appetizing.
  • Make cooking fun, easy and joyful.
  • New recipes will be used for regular participants.

All Meals prepared  Vegan   ~  When you cook at home ADD whatever you like.
Eat what you cook or take-away. (Please bring a takeaway container)  All Ingredients included.   ~  Suitable for  gluten-free & other dietary requirements. 
Cost:   < email > Your Request.

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