Bella's Testimonial

Roushini's cook & eat classes are always amazing

Roushini is so organised and everything is ready so we don't have to wait. She is always very professional in her delivery.  
Roushini has a very happy and bubbly personality. She  will greet everyone and share her knowledge about 
How To Love The Food You Eat. 

She will always give examples about her health and well-being.  Sharing her past relationship with food and negative habits and how she changed her life to a healthier way of living with the food she eats.

Explaining about the mind and how we should handle stress to how we shouldn't handle stress. 
Roushini's knowledge, experience and understanding about variety of herbs and spices and the health benefits is extremely of high standard. 

She knows which spices to use, how much and how our body benefits from it on daily basis. I am looking at food in a whole new way. 

Roushini loves  fun, laughter and music therefore she combines all these during the cooking workshops.  She is full of energy and very playful which is very contagious.
Right from the beginning everyone is having so much fun.  

Children will come along with their parents and enjoy the whole class with them.   We will also share our thoughts on different topics that Roushini will bring up, so we connect with the group sharing our own ideas. 

Roushini makes everyone feel every welcome and in no time we are all smiling and feeling happy .

Roushini is very good with instructions on how to cook the dish and she will show us right from the beginning what we need.  

She provides a shopping list and all the ingredients we need, we can buy from the local supermarket. Every ingredient used to prepare individual dishes are tasty, nourishing and  has a highly positive health benefits. Everything is laid out on the tables, so we can see and smell individual spices. 

Roushini provides a variety of food and always taken into account  individual participants food allergies or intolerance – making sure everyone knows how to replace the ingredients for personal needs. 
Roushini delivers all the sessions with a beautiful smile and lots of energy. It is obvious to see she loves FOOD and enjoys cooking. She is very passionate about sharing the goodness with others. 

She promotes “LOVE THE FOOD YOU EAT. EAT THE FOOD YOU LOVE.. NEVER BE ON A DIET .  She talks about becoming conscious and mindful as what we eat as it influences how we feel and look. 

Roushini makes tasty, nourishing food which looks so fresh, smells so beautiful and taste delicious. She encourages participants to cook for health and well-being.

Roushini encourages participants to change habits and mindset about how they fuel their body. She encourages us to treat  our body with respect, love and care and food we eat makes a huge difference. 

We can also ask for different dishes to be prepared for the next class so we can learn a variety of dishes or something that is our favourite. 

Even though Roushini is vegan and the whole session is plant-based cooking, she is non-judgmental if anyone eats animal products. She doesn't preaches about any diet. 

She is so considerate and understanding about everyone’s eating habits and likes to make the session inclusive and provides lots of  alternative for meat eaters. She does encourage everyone to  become mindful eaters. She has made me aware about sustainability which is healthy for our body and the planet. I like Roushini takes time to understands individuals background and why we eat what we eat. She  says we are all on a journey and change happens when we fully understand and are ready.

Everyone gets to taste test the food.  Everyone wants more.  They scrape their bowls right to the last bit left and some came back for seconds if there was any left over. The young girl who came with her dad loved the food so much, she wanted to save it for later.  Roushini said to eat it now and  cooked more for her to so she could take some home. 
She goes out of her way to help people in the class and she will cook more food, because everyone loves the food. We do get to take some food home which gives our family to try some. 

There is never one person who isn't enjoying the class. I have recommended her class to so many people that I know and they do enjoy every class they attend.  On of my clients and her husband have attended all the classes so far and the husband has cooked all her meals regularly at home for dinner and lunches. They rave about the taste and how easy it is to prepare. I would recommend this cooking class to everyone especially children. Learning to eat healthy and how to prepare and cook the food from a young age is a powerful life building tool.
Boys and girls, men and women.  Mums and Dads, and mothers and daughters and granddaughters.  Extended families have enjoyed the cooking classes.
I would definitely keep promoting Roushini's cooking classes to my clients because we are from the same line of work.  Movement with health and well-being and food as medicine.
I congratulate Roushini on a spectacular deliverance every time Roushini has a cooking class.  Never boring, because she is an entertainer at heart and Roushini loves cooking and sharing her knowledge for a better way of life.

Chaquillea Bellarouge.
Fitness and personal Trainer.